Growing an Agritourism Business...And Destination

Dawn Thilmany, Rebecca Hill, Martha Sullins & Anders Van Sandt – Colorado State University
Penny Leff, Shermain Hardesty and Marcella Valentine – University of California
Sarah Low – USDA-ERS

Trends in US agritourism: Exploring Traveler Behavior and Producer Strategies

Dawn Thilmany, Rebecca Hill, Martha Sullins & Anders Van Sandt -Colorado State University
Shermain Hardesty-University of California – Davis
Kathleen Liang – University of Vermont


A Spatial Analysis of Agritourism in the U.S.: What Drives Innovation?

North American Regional Science Association, Portland, Oregon, November 2015


Exploring Marketing and Promotional Strategies for Agritourism

Shermain Hardesty – University of California, Davis, Agricultural & Resource Economics & UC Small Farm Program, June 22, 2016

Influences Affecting Agritourism Success in the Western US

2015 National Extension Tourism Conference, Galveston, Texas, October 27-29, 2015


All Tourists are not Created Equal: What can we learn about agritourists in the West?

Martha Sullins, Dawn Thilmany, Rebecca Hill, June 22, 2016

Marketing Strategies and Community Resources for Agritourism in Colorado: Producer Perceptions

The International Conference on Culinary Arts and Sciences (ICCAS)


Exploring how Agritourism Producers Can Leverage the Growing Interest of Travelers Seeking Food and Farm Experiences

Presentation to the 2015 Food Distribution Research Society. October 2015. Philadelphia, PA.
Martha Sullins, Rebecca Hill, Anders Van Sandt and Dawn Thilmany